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Breeders Terms Program

At Orienta Shiba Inu we have a small breeders terms program that is part of our commitment to ethical breeding. At Orienta Shiba Inu, all our dogs live as part of a family, taking part in outings and dog friendly activities. In an effort for us to expand our breeding program, we offer dogs on our Breeders Terms Program. This allows us to breed and train dogs for the betterment of the breed without raising any in a kennel environment.


Benefits of Breeders Terms

Our Breeders Terms families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and seeing the offspring of their very own dog! Dogs placed into our Breeders Terms Program are a fraction of the price of a puppy, whereby, a portion of the amount paid in the form of a deposit is reimbursed once the Breeders Term agreement has been satisfied

The Breeders Term Program allows ours dogs to thrive, allowing them to have a happy life in a busy family, where they get socialised, taught their doggie manners, played with, walked and lots of cuddles enabling them to be well rounded, confident, content and happy dogs.

Breeders Terms Requirements

Breeders Terms families will be supported and guided by Orienta Shiba Inu, who will always consider what is best for the welfare of the dog, its offspring and the family involved. Becoming a part of the Breeders Term Program should be carefully considered as it is a big responsibility.

In its most basic form, the requirements to be considered for the Breeders Term Program are:

  • Located within one hour of Brisbane and able to transport the dog to our home when required

  • You must own your own home

  • No other intact dogs of the opposite sex should ever be on the same premises to prevent unwanted mating.

  • It is necessary that you have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment

  • All dogs and puppies placed on Breeders Terms must be indoor dogs and never be left outside unattended.

  • Flexibility when we need access to the dog for breeding or whelping

  • Most importantly, all the love, care and attention possible!

Breeders Terms Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to be a part of the Orienta Shiba Inu Breeders Terms Program? 

We are very selective of who we allow to be a part of our Breeders Terms Program. Our primary concern is that all of our dogs are in safe homes where they will be well cared for and not allowed to be put in situations that could harm them; such as being allowed to escape or become lost or be hit by a car. We expect all of our dogs to be house dogs. We do not allow our dogs to go to homes where they will be kept outdoors. 

We do not place dogs to people who want a farm dog, nor do we place dogs to people who want to breed themselves. We also do not place dogs with people whose previous pet has been accidentally killed - if it happens once it can happen again

What are your responsibilities if you wish to take part in the Breeders Terms Program? 

If you wish to take part in the Breeders Terms Program it is your responsibility to make the dog accessible to us at the time of planned breeding, as well as during the weeks leading up to and including period of whelping and raising puppies. Additionally, it is your responsibility to keep the dog in a safe and healthy environment. 

What if I have another dog already in my home? 

We seldom place dogs in this program with homes that already have multiple dogs, however, it is assessed on a case by case basis. We would never place a female into a home where there is another entire male. 

How far away do you place dogs? 

Dogs in the program must be located within a reasonable distance of our home. Areas from and including Ipswich, Brisbane, Toowoomba and sometimes the Gold Coast are acceptable but it is on a case by case basis. This program is not suitable for interstate owners.

Who owns the dog? 

Orienta Shiba Inu retain ownership of the dog until such time that she is no longer required in our breeding program. The dogs microchip details will be in the name of the person who joined the Breeders Terms Program, however, all other paperwork will stay in our name. You MUST sign an exlusive contract with Orienta Shiba Inu prior to taking your dog home. 

Do you ever have older dogs that are eligible to be placed in the Breeders Term Program?

 We understand that a puppy is not suitable for everyone, and that sometimes a mature dog is more suitable for some families. Occasionally, but not often, we may have a mature dog that we would like to place in a home. 

Who pays for the dogs medical expenses? 

It is the responsibility of the Breeders Terms family to keep the dog current on vaccinations, worming and heartworm preventatives; and to keep the dog in good health. We will take care of any medical expenses only in relation to or as a result of breeding the dog.


 Do you place males in the Breeders Terms Program? 

The answer to this question is usually NO. We usually import our males from overseas or keep a male for ourselves. On the rare occasion, we may place one of the males (usually a mature dog) into the Breeders Terms Program - but usually not.

How do we know when a dog should be bred? 

Each of our bitches heat cycles are tracked through a computer program. By inputting each heat cycle into the database we can usually anticipate when each bitch will come into heat. This is why it is very important that each owner in the Breeders Terms Program keeps us informed about their dogs heat cycles.

Females come into season 2 times per year. When a female starts to drop blood we expect to be notified. If we plan to breed the bitch we will inform you ahead of time. Our bitches are usually bred on their 11th and 13th day of their season, however, they do need to arrive at our home from about the 6th day.

Who owns the puppies? 

Any puppies produced are owned by Orienta Shiba Inu. This Program IS NOT suitable for someone who wants to be a breeder themselves.

What if you decide that you no longer want to be in the Breeders Terms Program? 

If at any time you no longer want to be a part of our Breeders Terms Program, or you can no longer keep the dog, the dog must be returned back to us. 

Who whelps the litter? Am I able to raise the puppies myself? 

This is a question that is often asked and the answer is NO. There is far too much that can go wrong during each stage of whelping and raising the puppies. Orienta Shiba Inu will whelp the litter and raise the puppies.

Under what circumstances do we take a dog away from a home in the Breeders Terms Program? 

There are only a few reasons that we would remove a dog out of the care of someone in the Breeders Terms Program.

  1. If we find out that the dog is being allowed to run loose

  2. If the bitch gets accidentally or purposefully bred.

  3. If we are not notified when the bitch comes in season (even if we do not plan to breed her). We will warn the owners once and take the bitch away if it happens again.

  4. If someone is arrested for a criminal offence.

  5. If someone moves without informing us that they have moved.

  6. If the dog is allowed to become too skinny or too overwieght and no action is taken to correct this.

Are we able to visit your kennel? 

All of our dogs live inside our home as family pets and we do not operate as a business. Therefore, we will only allow people to visit our home by appointment after they have spoken with us and been deemed suitable to be accepted into the Breeders Terms Program. 

Additional Questions? If you have any further questions feel free to email us at

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