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The Full Story


Orienta is a small kennel situated West of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. We are breeders and exhibitors of the Shiba Inu. All of our dogs are raised and live inside of our family home which ensures they receive plenty of enrichment and socialization at all stages of life.

As an ethical breeder we are responsible for only breeding to better the breed, which is why all our litters are carefully planned and researched to ensure only genetically healthy and sound puppies are produced. All our dogs are hip, eye and DNA tested prior to breeding and our pet puppies are always sold on strict desexing contracts.​

We hope you enjoy viewing our dogs and learning more about the Shiba Inu breed.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about the Shiba Inu or to find out more about our dogs and kennel.



Preserving the Legacy, Enhancing the Future Our mission is to uphold the integrity and heritage of the Shiba Inu breed through meticulous breeding practices, rigorous health testing, and unwavering dedication to breed preservation. We strive to produce Shiba Inu of exceptional quality, temperament, and conformation while maintaining the breed's unique characteristics and versatility.


Leading the Way in Shiba Inu Preservation
We envision a future where the Shiba Inu breed thrives in health, temperament, and breed type, thanks to our commitment to preservation breeding. By championing responsible breeding practices and collaborating with fellow enthusiasts, we aim to set the standard for excellence in Shiba Inu preservation worldwide.

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