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Satoshi Bless Of Orienta Go Sakura Kensha (France)


CH J RUS, J.RKF Akai Hana L'Tanrey


Saskatchewan Trail's Pegreen

Date of Birth


Call Name



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</style><table id="pedigree" border="0" ><tr><th colspan=4><i>Pedigree of </i>Power To Orienta Go Sakura Kensha</th></tr><TR><TD ROWSPAN=8 ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Power To Orienta Go Sakura Kensha</a><label><BR>Red <BR>France<BR>2019</label></TD><TD ROWSPAN=4 ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Jack Sparrow de l'Empire des Samouraïs</a><label><BR>Sesame <BR>France<BR>2014</label></TD><TD ROWSPAN=2 ><label><font color="red">Am Ch</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Morningstar Patrick Swaze</a><label><BR>Black and Tan <BR>USA<BR>2009</label></TD><TD ><label><font color="red">Am Ch</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Kazakoshi No Koryuu Go Yokohama Atsumi</a><label><BR>Black and Tan <BR>Japan<BR>2006</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ><label><font color="red">USA Champion; ROM</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Morningstar Mia Chousei Sou</a><label><BR>Black and Tan <BR>USA<BR>2002</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ROWSPAN=2 ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Fuku No Gomahime Go Hikobae</a><label><BR>Sesame <BR>Japan<BR>2010</label></TD><TD ><a href="" target="_blank">Saburou Go Shuueisou</a><label><BR>Japan<BR>2009</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Fukujume Go Tosa Machidasou</a><label><BR>Sesame <BR>Japan<BR>2007</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ROWSPAN=4 ><label><font color="red">French Champion</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Fuuka Go Sapporo Kagasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan<BR>2015</label></TD><TD ROWSPAN=2 ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Gokou No Fukukaze Go Shirakayasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan<BR>2013</label></TD><TD ><label><font color="red">NIPPO G.N. Soukensho & Wakainusho</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Fukutenriki Go Bingo Kashimasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan<BR>2011</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ><a href="" target="_blank">Benisuime Go Shirakayasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ROWSPAN=2 ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Houri No Tokiko Go Sapporo Kagasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan</label></TD><TD ><label><font color="red">NIPPO Kansei Ken, Dutch Champion, CW'15, JKC Winner, SE UCH</font><BR></label><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Toyo No Kuroichi Go Hikino Kourakusou</a><label><BR>Black and Tan <BR>Japan<BR>2011</label></TD></TR><TR><TD ><a href="" target="_blank"><p><img SRC="" width="100"></p>Hokuryuu No Tokime Go Sapporo Kagasou</a><label><BR>Red <BR>Japan</label></TD></TR><TR><td style="font-size:9px;" colspan=4>This pedigree was generated by <strong><a href="" ></a></strong></td></tr></table>

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